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Free piano lessons for beginners or those coming back from a piano 'hiatus' 😉

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Used by thousands of students worldwide, Easy Piano Basics is a step-by-step method for adults who are new to the piano...or coming back to the piano after a (ahem) break. Piano can be easy, let me show you how.

Can I really learn the piano on my own?

April 30, 2017

Yes! If you have the right method, you can learn virtually anything on your own.

Hold on a second...we're missing something aren't we?

You know what it is too...desire.

Let's face it, if you're willing to put in at least a few minutes a day to practice the piano, you'll make a lot of progress quickly.

However, if you think you can just get my program, do nothing with it, and it will magically teach you piano...you're wrong.

That's why I made the Easy Piano Basics program both easy and fun.

The entire program consists of 32 lessons for a total of over 4 hours of lessons. Each lesson helps you overcome typical challenges that new students face. But, this is the cool part: since you own the program for life, it becomes an encyclopedia for you to refer back to time and time again.

It's easy to get started for free.

If you've wanted to learn the piano, or need to 'dust off the piano bench' this is the program for you. Low cost, easy-to-follow and fun.

I'll see you on the inside!


Willie Myette, Jazzedge founder and creator of EasyPianoBasics

I like it. It's easy to see what I need to do with his piano right there where I can see his fingers and what notes he is playing.


I have just gotten started with my online piano lessons, but I feel like I’m off to a really good start re-learning some fundamentals and learning for the first time some basics that I never grasped.


This is an interesting and hassle free way to introduce piano into your life - it's much cheaper than traditional lessons and really develops a strong foundation in playing and reading music. I think this is a fantastic way to teach yourself piano.


"I really enjoyed the course, the presentation was really great and easy to follow."
-- Matt Bala

"Willie's Basic Piano Course is an excellent course for beginner piano players as well as an opportunity for experienced players to brush up on some valuable fundamentals. Willie's teaching methods are outstanding and his passion for the piano is extremely motivating."
-- Ron Guarascio

"This course is primarily for beginners with zero knowledge about the piano. I recommend it because Mr. Willie has made a great work: the course covers many different topics that every profissional musician deals every day from the technical point of view to the melodic and harmonic organizarions. As a pianist I give you my compliments! :)"
-- Sergio Leite

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