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CorePiano™ is a service from which teaches you the basics of how to play the piano. After learning these free piano lessons, you'll be able to impress both yourself and your friends with your piano skills!

Of course, this takes work. If you are looking for a "Play the piano in 5 minutes"'re in the wrong place. To really learn how to play an instrument, it takes equal amounts of practice, patience and a good teacher. Don't worry though, I will walk you through each step!

Piano Basics

You can teach yourself piano using my unique easy piano basics method. Start by filling out the form to the right. This will give you full access to my easy piano lesson videos and sheet music.

We will begin with the basics of piano playing like understanding half steps, rhythm, piano fingering and other simple piano lessons.

As we make our way through the method, you will teach yourself piano by following my worksheets and easy videos.

Free Piano Lessons

I know in these challenging times students are looking for a way to teach themselves piano for free. This is why I created these free piano lessons. Learning to play the piano by yourself is not easy. You really need a teacher that can teach you the basics of the piano in a simple, easy to follow method. Again, this is what I have done for you.

When you are ready to move beyond the basics of piano playing, you can check out Piano With Willie, where you will find more easy piano lessons but also lessons on the basics of jazz piano playing. You will also find funk keyboard lessons, learn how to play blues piano, improve your gospel piano playing, learn latin or salsa piano and get introduced to rock piano lessons and simple rock piano basics.

Teach Yourself Piano

"Teach yourself to play piano?" This is a common question among students. The answer is YES! Learning how to play the piano is possible for students of all levels. If you are a beginning pianist, then our easy piano lessons will fit you perfectly. If you are looking for improvisation lessons or jazz piano chords, then I would suggest that you look at Piano With Willie.

Using my easy piano lessons, you can teach yourself piano. Remember, it will take time. You might get frustrated at times. Don't worry though, the piano basics videos will be here to help you through.

So, are you ready?

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