Basic Piano Rhythms

Learning some basic piano rhythms is an excellent way to practice the piano. What’s even better about this particular topic is that you don’t actually have to be at the piano in order to practice basic piano rhythms. Rhythmic training can be practiced at any level – easy, medium, or quite difficult. In this article…

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Legato, Staccato, and Dotted Notes


Legato? Staccato? Dotted notes? These might seem like funny words to some of you. Or if you know a little bit about music these three terms might seem like an odd grouping. But I assure you that there is a reason why they are presented here together. In this article we’ll examine what these terms…

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Building Major Scales


Building major scales is an excellent starting place for learning how to play the piano. It combines a little bit of music theory knowledge with a little bit of practical piano information. Here we’ll focus on the five-finger major scale, which uses the first 5 notes of a major scale. We’ll explain the music theory…

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Accidentals in Music – What Are They?


“Accidentals in music” sounds like some kind of mistake, right? But the term “accidentals” actually means something quite different in music, and accidentals are an essential ingredient in reading and writing music. In this article we’ll explain what is meant by the term “accidental” (in the music sense). Accidentals in Music: What They Are Accidentals…

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Ties and Slurs – What’s the Difference?


Ties and slurs can be somewhat confusing, especially to beginner students, because they look so similar. However, ties and slurs have very different functions in music. And once you know what to look for you’ll also notice that there are some visible differences. In this article we’ll discuss the individual differences of both ties and…

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Notes of the Grand Staff


In this article we’ll be exploring and learning to memorize the notes of the grand staff at the piano. This is a hugely important, foundation skill that you will use for the entirety of your musical journey. And as a pianist, you’re uniquely lucky (and challenged). Consider that most instruments read in only one clef,…

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